About me

I help researchers and business get people talking about complex problems by using "serious games". Games are fun, and they reflect complex real-world systems: they help to get people around the table, and put something meaningful on it for them to talk about.

What I do

My background

I graduated in Civil Engineering in 2013, and then studied a joint MSc in Flood Risk Management at IHE Delft, TU Dresden and UPC (Barcelona). Since graduation, I worked for The Nature Conservancy and IHE Delft on projects including the SimBasin water resources computer game and the IHE Delft Hydroinformatics Lab.

From October 2017 - January 2024 I worked as a freelance serious games consultant, including designing board games about fresh fruit and vegetable supply with the University of Oxford, and about the common good with Shell. I also run training and teaching workshops and courses, including River Basin Game sessions for all ages and serious game design courses.

In January 2024 I joined Focus Games where I continue to work in serious game design, both designing and producing games and delivering workshops.


I also peer-review articles for academic journals.

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